A journalist and a food stylist walk into a bar.

That’s almost how Drinking Woman’s story begins. What comes next isn’t a punchline. It's words to drink by in the form of interviews, recipes, and stories that illuminate the work of women distillers and distributors, buyers and brewers, and everyone in between.

Lore is, it was women who created beer. Some say women saved whiskey. All we know is that drink in your hand has a history and we’re excited to discover it with you by peeking behind bars, poking around bottle shops, and getting to know the creative women responsible for your favorite beverages. We also love to eat and drink, and make things to eat and drink, so we do a lot of that around here, too. (Right now, we're mostly focused on recipes for food and drinks you want to consume merrily.)

Whether you're someone in the beverage industry, interested in learning about it, or just here for the recipes, we hope that what you find is a celebration of the collaborative spirit and creativity of the women who are making sure your glass stays full.



Meghan began writing about food in the 6th grade when she penned an essay about the most perfect slice of pizza money could buy. She's written about food and travel for the New York Times, Modern Farmer, New York Magazine, and the Chicago Tribune and is a former editor of Drive Thru, Gapersblock.com's food and dining section. She feels very grown up sipping Sazeracs, even when in her pjs, and believes there's real magic in Mezcal.




Mollie is a food stylist, recipe developer, and recovering line cook. She lives in Chicago's Logan Square and is still trying to make herself enjoy beets. She loves fruity sour ales and funky, footy ciders, leading her to believe that her palette hasn't moved very far from her childhood love for unripe fruit. 


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